Our mission, over the next 5 years, beginning in February 2022:

Help kickstart 1 million new entrepreneurs & help them build profitable businesses.

Help these new, 1 million businesses generate at least R 20 000.00 each in monthly revenue.

Empower our entrepreneurs to create at least 5 Jobs Each.

We call this mission, The #Challenge1Million Campaign. Through this campaign, we aim to democratize, useful entrepreneur education.

The History of the Challenge1Million Campaign.

With 11 failed businesses and having incurred over  R 500 000 In debt in the space of 4 years, our founder attempted to resolve some of the challenges he faced as a new entrepreneur and answer some of his own questions, including those of other new entrepreneurs he worked with.

In June 2015  The 10 Minute Guide to Starting a Business was developed. In August of that same year, an abridged version of the book was published. The eBook was made available for free download until March 2017. It was downloaded over 6700 times by people In South Africa,  Namibia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania.

The anecdotal stories of success based on the book and the feedback received from readers revealed that new entrepreneurs desperately needed an easily accessible business-building tool that enabled them to build profitable businesses, independently, at their own pace. Thus, the #Challenge1Million Campaign was born.