Seasoned Entrepreneurs

As a seasoned & successful entrepreneur, you know how tough it is to build a business; It’s a lonely, thankless, but very rewarding journey. You have built a business you are proud of and now you want to give back to the communities that have given you so much. You are passionate about Entrepreneurship and discovering new opportunities and you want to see young people, the next generation do well. You hope that in some small way, you can give them a leg up in their entrepreneurship journeys, but you just don’t know how. We have a tool to help you do just that.

What The 10 Minute Guide offers 

  • It is an opportunity for you to create a legacy that will far outlive you and your current influence. An opportunity for one person to make a difference and take a leadership role in growing the welfare of the communities you care about.
  • Empowers people to work themselves out of poverty, independently, at their own pace, using their own resources – “Teach people how to fish”..
  • Empower disadvantaged communities with information, enabling them to mobilise their financial resources beyond food, drink, and dress.
  • Empowers & enables disadvantaged communities to mobilise their savings toward building wealth for themselves.
  • It creates an opportunity to Increase the success rate of grassroots entrepreneurship and the economies within which your beneficiaries live.
  • People want to solve problems locally, the way they see fit & know best. The 10 Minute Guide gives them the knowledge to do that.

How to realize this Value

  1. Order Copies of the 10 Minute Guide for your Beneficiary communities (book maybe translated into any language).
  2. Send us a prologue (Written message) to be included in the copies you order (orders of 500 or more).
  3. Receive your order copies & distribute them to your beneficiaries.
  4. Record beneficiary details.

Minimum Order Volume 50 Units

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