Meeting the demands of the electorate is a difficult balancing act that requires a very careful review of costs versus benefits. The 10 Minute Guide Provides Governments with an Opportunity to meet a broad set of objectives that are all tied to the socio-economic success of their electorate. The 10 Minute Guide empowers communities with the knowledge to build on their own and become partners of the government in socio-economic development. alleviating communities’ dependence on governmental support and increasing the scope of governmental reach through intermediaries that work with the government to provide essential services, improving the rollout of governmental services through trusted third-parties and partners.

Realizable Value 

  • Increase the success rate of grassroots entrepreneurship.
  • Provides easily usable, and immediately applicable information for all entrepreneurs, rich or poor, educated or not 
  • Ties into the government’s mandate to provide resources and tools to allow for community development and upliftment (information as a resource and tool).
  • Empower & enable disadvantaged communities to mobilise their savings toward building wealth for themselves. 
  • Empower disadvantaged communities with information to enable them to mobilise their financial resources of beyond food, drink, and dress

How to realize this Value

  1. Order Copies of the 10 Minute Guide for your Beneficiary communities (book maybe translated into any language).
  2. Send us a prologue (Written message) to be included in the copies you order (orders of 500 or more).
  3. Receive your ordered copies & distribute them to your beneficiaries.
  4. Record beneficiary details.

Minimum Order Volume 50 Units

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