Become a 10 Minute Guide ReSeller

Entrepreneurs are everywhere, they are your friends your neighbours, your parents, your brother, your sister, your wife, your husband, your boyfriend or your girlfriend. We understand we cannot reach them all and that is why we want to partner with you to put this The 10 Minute Guide into their hands.

We are in the business of helping people preserve and realise their goals and dreams,

As a 10 Minute Guide Reseller, as part of our team, you too will be in that business.

All you have to do to become a reseller is

  1. Buy & read the ebook version of The 10 Minute Guide.
  2. Sign up by sending an email with your full name, cell-phone number, email address, along with a photo of yourself to:
  3. Once we have processed your application, we will send you a link to your training folder
  4. Go through the training we have prepared for you
  5. Once your training is complete, you will receive a unique reseller code.

How reselling works.

As a Reseller, you will go out and sell The 10 Minute Guide to people in your Network & Community. Once you have successfully made a Sale, we will send you a printed copy of the 10 Minute Guide to help you with your Sales.

The ReSeller program is only for Printed copies of The 10 Minute Guide to Starting a Business. If you want to sell translated copies of The 10 Minute Guide, you will have to order a minimum of 100 copies. The book is available in all 11 South African Languages.

How to order copies for your customers.

You can only do this once you have registered as a reseller.

To order, do the following:

  1. Send us an email with: Your Reseller number, Your cellphone number, your customer’s name, cell phone number & email address & physical address for the delivery of the books.
  2. We will email your customer an Invoice so they can make payment (you will be copied in that email)
  3.  Once your customer has paid, we will inform you and send you a copy of the customer receipt we will send to them.
  4. The Books will then be delivered if available, If not, the books will be printed & delivered.
  5. Once the books are delivered and your customers have received them, we will pay you.

You do not have to buy the copies you order on behalf of your clients, however, If you want to, you can do so, all.

ReSeller Pay Scales (Commissions)

Each copy of The 10 Minute Guide Costs R 450.00 excluding delivery, with delivery it is R 550.00. Your commission is based on the R450 book sales price excluding delivery fees.

  • If you sell 1-100 books, you will be paid R50 per book sold.
  • If you sell 101 – 500 books, you will be paid R 75 per book sold
  • If you sell 501 – 1000 books, you will be paid R 100 per book sold.
  • If you sell 1001 – more books, specialist commission rates will be negotiated with you

Delivery times, 3-5 Days when books are available, 4 weeks for new prints & 8 weeks for translated versions.

Please note that the ReSeller Program is in Beta phase and is only currently available in South Africa.