Profitable Business Building Programme


The Profitable Business Builder is a Practical Course that takes the guesswork out of building Profitable New Businesses that survive longer than 3 tears. It teaches Entrepreneurs How to build Profitable New Businesses Step By Step. It is designed for people who are ready to build a Profitable New Business and want to do so independently without relying on a Business Coach or Consultant.  The recommended Implementation pace; 1x chapter per month. At the end of this Course, you will have built a Profitable new Business

You should expect to spend: 8 hours a week for 18 Months if you are an Independent, disciplined Leaner and 8 hours per week for 36 months if you want to build your business at a relaxed pace.


What this programme offers

Introduction & the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship – Chapter 1 – 5:

      • Entrepreneur types.
      • The realities of running a business.
      • Identifying commercially viable business opportunities.
      • Identifying & understanding target customers

Laying the foundation – Chapters 6 – 10

      • How to do effective research for business building
      • Calculating the costs of setting up & operating a business
      • Pricing: how to do it effectively to ensure profitability.

Building the business – Chapters 11 – 15

      • How to add value.
      • How to get off the ground.
      • Using technology effectively.

Growing the business – Chapters – 16 – 20

      • Planning for growth.
      • Marketing products &/or services.
      • How to hire the right people.

Sustainability – Chapters 21 – 25

      • The Non – Negotiables.
      • Getting advice.
      • Choosing the right business partners.

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