About Us

Who we are & What we do

Before You Start is a publishing company with a focus on all things Entrepreneurship. We publish books to help new entrepreneurs build Profitable businesses, Independently. At the core of our work, is our Goal to help Entrepreneurs Build & Preserve their dreams.


Our Mission

  • Enable, Independent, Profitable Business Building
  • Raise the Survival rate of New Businesses from 2/10 to 7/10
  • Kick start 1 000 000 New Entrepreneurs in 5 years
  • Enable the creation of 5 000 000 new Jobs
  • Support big business in strengthening local economies through strengthening new SMMEs

Our Values

  • Dignity & Respect
  • Love Decisioning
  • People & Impact
  • Integrity, Honesty, Responsibility
  • Accountability & Transparency

Our Flagship Publication

The 10 Minute to Starting a Business Is an Instruction Manual designed for Profitable, Independent business building. The book covers 25 critical success factors essential for building Profitable new businesses that survive beyond three years.