Frequently Asked Questions

Is Entrepreneurship a Talent?

No! Entrepreneurship is not a Talent, Is it a Skill! A Skill that can be taught, like painting, plumbing or Bricklaying?

Is there a formula/Key for Entrepreneurial Success?

Yes there is; solve a painful, recurring customer problem

How do you build a Profitable Business?

There are several critical success factors that determine a business’ profitability. These Critical Success Factors are all covered within the 25 Chapters of The 10 Minute Guide to Starting a Business.

If Entrepreneurship is a Skill, why do so many Entrepreneurs Fail?

Like every skill, If you do not master the basics, you will never be able to successfully apply the skill. The basic skills of Entrepreneurship are not commonly known or taught. The entrepreneurs who get it, right master, the basics. The 25 foundational skills for building a Profitable business are all covered in the 25 Chapters of The 10 Minute Guide to Starting a Business.

What skill must entrepreneurs learn to help them succeed?

The most Valuable Entrepreneurial Skill, the only one that counts, Is the Skill of building Profitable businesses.

What can readers expect from the book?

They can expect a simple, straight to the point, 76-page action guide: What to do & how to do it.

Is there a secret source to business growth?

Yes there is;

  • Figure out the kind of entrepreneur you are
  • Find a recurring problem to solve
  • Get your Pricing right
  • Sell your solution to the person that feels the most pain from the problem

Can I start a business without money?

No, you cannot start a business without money. You cannot buy your stock, pay your suppliers & your employees with goodwill.

What dangers do entrepreneurs need to look out for?

  • Losing sight of your customer needs
  • Hiring the wrong people
  • Going after corporate clients; corporate clients only pay between 60 – 90 days. New businesses need cash flow at least once weekly. Focus on Cash customers.