Profitable Business Building Programme

The Profitable Business Builder is a Practical Course that takes the guesswork out of building Profitable New Businesses that survive longer than 3 tears. It teaches Entrepreneurs How to build Profitable New Businesses Step By Step. It is designed for people who are ready to build a Profitable New Business and want to do so independently without relying on a Business Coach or Consultant.  The recommended Implementation pace; 1x chapter per month. At the end of this Course, you will have built a Profitable new Business

This Instrument takes the guesswork out of building new businesses by laying out a Scientific Methodology that new entrepreneurs can follow to build Profitable, Fundable Businesses. The recommended Implementation pace; 1x chapter per month.

You should expect to spend: 8 hours a week for 18 Months if you are an Independent, disciplined entrepreneur and 8 hours per week for 36 months if you want to build your business at a relaxed pace.

What this programme offers

Introduction & the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship – Chapter 1 – 5:

      • Entrepreneur types.
      • The realities of running a business.
      • Identifying commercially viable business opportunities.
      • Identifying & understanding target customers.

Laying the foundation – Chapters 6 – 10

      • How to do effective research for business building.
      • Calculating the costs of setting up & operating a business.
      • Pricing: how to do it effectively to ensure profitability.

Building the business – Chapters 11 – 15

      • How to add value.
      • How to get off the ground.
      • Using technology effectively.

Growing the business – Chapters – 16 – 20

      • Planning for growth.
      • Marketing products &/or services.
      • How to hire the right people.

Sustainability – Chapters 21 – 25

      • The Non-Negotiables.
      • Getting advice.
      • Choosing the right business partners.

This Instrument is, the quintessential start up MBA.

All registrations are valid for 36 months i.e. you will have access to this tool for 36 months, upon registration.