The 10 Minute Guide to Starting a Business: Lessons Entrepreneurs Learn the Hard Way (Printed - Paperback)

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The 10 Minute Guide to Starting a Business is a “How to” manual for anyone wanting to start and run business. This book walks ‘Wanna be’ & ‘New’ Entrepreneurs through the process of thinking about, planning, starting and running a new business in any sector of the economy.

Guidance in this book is shared within the context of & the
understanding that people build businesses to; change their day to day circumstances,
improve their quality of life, achieve financial stability and independence,
realize their lifestyle aspirations and create wealth for themselves.

Therefore, at its core, the book addresses 5 fundamental Questions:
1.What do I need to think about before I start a business?
2.What do I need to do before I start a business?
3. What kind of business should I start?
4. What do I need to do to set myself and my business up for success?
& lastly
5. What do I do once I have started a business?

At a nuts & bolts level, the 10 Minute Guide will help you
answer the following questions;

How do I develop a product that sells?
How do I know my product is going to sell?
How do I know when to build a business around a product?

These questions are answered over 25 chapters by Entrepreneur &
Small & Medium Business Growth Facilitator, Sandiso Ncube.
With a string of failures under his belt and a young business on the go,
Sandiso pulls together lessons from his experiences and those of other entrepreneurs to
deliver the kind of guidance you would only get from highly placed mentors & networks.

You will read this book over & over again, and with each chapter re-read, you will discover
a new layer of insight you didn't see before. Each chapter's message
will resonate differently at different stages of your entrepreneurial journey.

No matter where you are in the world or what you do, this book is a must-own!

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